An endless passion for sounds, for music,
for discovery, for friends, for life.

I’m Ada, I have found my love for music on the fretboard, when I got my first guitar as a Christmas gift. I’ve been playing the piano since I was 4 but getting a little 3/4 strat totally transformed my musical life. I learned chords, embellishments, inversions, all I could from watching players. Studying the classics like Hendrix and Frusciante. It was an amazing learning curve; and still it is but now I’ve started writing my own songs and explore new sounds. I have to thank my guitar journey to my dad. Although his passion is folk blues; artists like Son House and Robert Johnson, he took the effort to guide me on my journey exploring rock guitar. I’m passionate about rock music, though as first love never fades, I will alway keep the blues at my fingertips.”
Drinkin' No Milk